Claimed awardsBearbeiten

  1. 1. “Ph.D Economics and Statistics, University of Munich, 1969, Summa Cum Laude” (according to his CV). The German National Library database contain: Hans-Werner Gottinger, Beiträge zur funktionalen Separabilität bei Nutzenfunktionen, München Univ., Diss., 1970. In Deutsche Nationalbibliotech, it is described as “München, Staatswirtsch. F., Diss. v. 10. März 1970” (see ).
  2. “Habilitation, Operations Research, Statistics, Econometrics, Tech. University of Munich, 1972” (according to his CV). German libraries contain: Hans-Werner Gottinger, Subjektive Wahrscheinlichkeiten, Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, München, Univ., Habil.-Schr., ISBN 3-525-13141-0, 1974. In Deutsche Nationalbibliotech, it is described as “Zugleich: München, Univ., Naturwiss. Fak., Habil.-Schr.” (see ).
  3. In his CV (dated Jan. 1, 2004), Professor Gottinger claims to have been awarded the “Matsushita Prize (Global Environmental Economics), Matsushita Foundation, Osaka, Japan, Sept.1995”. A search on the Web provides no evidence of Professor Gottinger ever having won such a prize. {Investigations by a Research Policy contact in Japan and by Nature confirm there is no evidence that he has ever been awarded such a prize.}