1. -1962 – pupil at Grotefend-Gymnasium, Hann. Münden, Niedersachsen – see
  2. 1966 – INST FELS, D-8000 MUNCHEN 22 {It is not entirely clear what this institute was, although the postal address suggests it may have been an institute within the University of Munich – for example, the Institute of Professor Eberhard M. Fels, a mathematical economist then at Munich. This would be consistent with the idea that Gottinger was, according to his CV, studying at the University for his PhD at that stage. Alison Abbott’s investigations for Nature suggest that he did indeed obtain a ‘doctorat’ there. The German National Library database ( ) also refers to his 1970 dissertation at the University of Munich (see ).} {WiseWoman has obtained a copy of the dissertation, so it exists. However, inside the front cover there is the following inscription:
    "Wesentliche Teile dieser Arbeit sind während meines Aufenthaltes am Center for Advanced Study, Stanford, an der Univ. of California, Berkeley und Santa Barbara und an der Hebrew University, Jerusalem entstanden." These are new places we have no record of him having being.}
  3. 1969 – OEI MUNCHEN, D-8000 MUNCHEN 80 {This is the acronym for Osteuropa-Institut München (the Institute for Eastern European Studies), which carries out research on Economics, Migration and Integration.}
  4. 1970-1971 – DEPT ECON, UNIV CALIF BERKELEY, BERKELEY, CA {Might be worth contacting, although this is a long time ago. However, he did apparently return in the 1980s (see below).}
  5. 1973-1974 – UNIV CALIF, DEPT ECON, SANTA BARBARA, CA 93106 {Appears to be correct; according to the American Economic Review (Vol. 63 (1), p.243), HWG was appointed a lecturer at the department of economics in January 1973.}
  6. 1973-1974 – INST ANGEW MATH, TECH UNIV MUNICH, MUNICH {Needs to be checked. In particular, did he actually get his Habilitation there in 1972, as he claims? Enquiries by Alison Abbott of Nature did not get fully to the bottom of this. She was told that HWG’s file was passed to the University of Bielefeld when he took up a post there in ~1973. But surely they would still have kept some record of whether or not he completed his Habilitation? Subsequent enquiries have further added to the mystery. The German Libraries database ( ) lists HWG’s book titled ‘Subjektive Wahrscheinlichkeiten’ (‘Subjective Probabilities’) as his ‘Habilitationsschrift’. However, it is apparently from the University of Munich, not the Technical University of Munich as HWG claims on his CV, and it appeared in 1974 (not 1972, as he claims on his CV). The catalogue entry here is: .} {WiseWoman obtained a copy of the habilitation, it is indeed from the University of Munich.}
  7. 1973-1980 (although he continued to use this address in papers up to 1984) – One of 1st references to the University of Bielefeld is to UNIV BIELEFELD, MUNICH (sic!) in CYBERNETICA 16 (3): 177-197 (1973)
    But in later papers this address becomes INST MATH WIRTSCHAFTSFORSCH, UNIV BIELEFELD, POSTFACH 8640, D-4800 BIELEFELD. (The Bielefeld Library also contains a number of papers by HW Gottinger covering the period 1973-1984 – see .) {According to contacts at Bielefeld University, Gottinger was fired (or forced to resign) in 1980 when it was discovered that, unbeknownst to Bielefeld University, he was simultaneously employed at another research institute (presumably GESELL STRAHLEN & UMWELTFORSCH, INST MED INFORMAT & SYSTEMFORSCH – see below) and hence drawing two salaries at the same time, something that was not permitted. Note that this was the second such offence. Just a year before in 1979, he had been forced to resign from Groningen University when it was found that he was simultaneously employed at Bielefeld and Groningen Universities. According to the Rector of the time, Groningen University, mindful of the possibility of adverse publicity, chose not to inform Bielefeld of this. Unfortunately, this enabled Gottinger to go on and immediately repeat the offence in 1979-80.
    Note also that, if HWG was fired by Bielefeld University, he was no longer entitled to call himself ‘Professor’, at least as far as Bielefeld were concerned.}
  8. 1974 – BAVARIAN ACAD SCI, MUNICH {Not clear what his link, if any, was with this Academy}
  9. 1974 – DEPT ELECT ENGN & COMP SCI, UNIV CALIF, BERKELEY, CA 94720 {Might be worth contacting, although this is quite a long time ago. He gave various Californian addresses during the 1970s and 1980s, so perhaps someone in California still remembers him.}
  10. In a 1976 article, HWG gives his affiliation as “Institut für Mathematische Wirtsaftsplanung”, with the address being “Schlos Rheda, Institut für Mathematische Wirtsaftsplanung, Rheda, BRD” – see . The same article (with the same miss-spelt address) appeared in another journal – see
    {Even after allowing for the evident miss-spellings in the address, there is no sign of an “Institut für Mathematische Wirtschaftsplanung” either in Schloss Rheda (see ) or in the town of Rheda (in North Rhine-Westphalia). This is the first time that HWG claimed to be located in a Schloss. According to The American Economic Review 62 (5) (1972), p.1016, an international workshop on mathematical economics was to be held in the Schloss Rheda in July 1973. HWG may well have attended and have taken a fancy to this address.}
  11. In October 1976, Gottinger was appointed to one of the two founding chairs in the new Interfaculty of Management and Organization at the University of Groningen – see .[1] However, when he was found to have engaged in plagiarism {almost certainly the three cases admitted in Automatica in 1978 – in this retraction, Gottinger used the Groningen address, apparently the only time it appeared on one of his ‘papers’} and when he was also found to be holding two positions at the same time (at Bielefeld and Groningen Universities),[2] he was forced to resign in 1979. However, because they were concerned about adverse publicity, Groningen University kept the matter fairly quiet, and chose not to inform Bielefeld University that Gottinger had been drawing two salaries from the two universities at the same time.
    also cited as GSF, MEDIS INST, MUNCHEN;
    and as GESELL STRAHLEN & UMWELTFORSCH MBH, CTR ENVIRONM RES, MUNICH {Presumably, this Institute then moved from Munich to Neuherberg – see next item.}
    [GSF, or the National Research Center for Environment and Health, is currently located at Ingolstädter Landstraße 1, D-85764 Neuherberg. A search of their website – – reveals no mention of Gottinger. Gottinger’s CV contains no reference to having been employed at this research centre.] {According to investigations by Alison Abbott of Nature, he was sacked by GSF for submitting a research proposal to the European Commission in which he forged letters of support from a number of companies.}
  14. 1983 – UNIV CALIF BERKELEY, DEPT ECON, BERKELEY, CA 94720 {Might be worth contacting, although this is quite a long time ago. It is perhaps significant that two of the sources that he subsequently plagiarised were PhD theses from UC Berkeley.}
  15. According to his CV, he was a Visiting Research Fellow at the JFK School of Government in Harvard University from July to August 1983. {This has been confirmed by the professor who invited him and who is one of the referees listed on his HWG’s CV. During this time, HWG may well have come into contact with, or learnt about, Adam Jaffe’s doctoral research at Harvard. He subsequently plagiarised Jaffe’s 1985 PhD thesis.}
  16. 1984-1986 – BATTELLE INST EV, [Box 900160,] D-6000 FRANKFURT 90 {Might be worth contacting?}
  17. In the mid-1980s, he had a consultancy contract with EIPA, the European Institute of Public Administration at Maastricht. He was fired when it was discovered that the paper he had produced for the project plagiarised Clark (1979).
  18. 1985 onwards – first cited as INST MANAGEMENT SCI, MAASTRICHT (i.e. no claim to be part of Maastricht University);
    by 1987 this had become INST MANAGEMENT SCI, UNIV MAASTRICHT, POB 591, MAASTRICHT, the form that has been used up to the present,
    although in one 1989 paper and again in a 1991 paper this becomes STATE UNIV LIMBURG, INST MANAGEMENT SCI, 6200 MD MAASTRICHT
    {Note that in the 1980s there was no such institution as “Maastricht University”; its title then was “Rijksuniversiteit Limburg”. It appears that Gottinger may have realized he was using the wrong title in 1989 and switched to the correct title for the next two years.}
  19. 1985-1988 – UNIV VIRGINIA, DEPT SYST ENGN, THORNTON HALL, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA 22901 USA. From September 1986 (he claims August 1985 in his CV) to May 1987, he held the Frank Talbott, Jr., Visiting Professorship at the Department of Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia. {See and .}
  20. In 1986, he gave a paper at the Fifth World Congress of the Econometric Society on ‘Choice Processes, Computability and Complexity: Computable Choice Functions’, in which he listed his affiliation as IBM Research, San Jose. {See Econometrica 54 (1986), p.503}

[1] During his time there, colleagues noted that his behaviour was rather odd. In particular, he more or less ‘camped’ within a shower and closet area within the Rabobank building, where the Interfaculty was located. When asked about this, he replied that he had an option on a piece of land to build a new house and in the meantime chose to stay within the building. When the University Rector met Gottinger’s wife in Groningen, she was very surprised to hear that her husband intended to build a house in Groningen. She thought he only had a ‘side job’ in Groningen. {The source contacted the former Rector of the time to confirm the details.}

[2] At a conference in Athens, another colleague from the Interfaculty of Management and Organization noticed that Gottinger had signed up for the same conference, giving his position in Bielefeld University only. This colleague later phoned the Rector of Groningen University to inform him about this inconsistency. {The source contacted the former Rector of the time to confirm the details.}