There is one publication of HW Gottinger that has itself been plagiarisedBearbeiten

  1. Gottinger, H.W., Weimann, P., 1992. Intelligent decision support systems. Decision Support Systems 8, 317-332.
    Plagiarised by A. Salahuddin, Intelligent decision support systems: technology and applications. Pp.114-124 in Research Council of Zimbabwe, Impact of Innovative Science and Technology on National Wealth Creation, Proceedings of the Seventh Symposium on Science and technology, September 1-3, 2004.
    [Matter raised with President of Research Council of Zimbabwe, but no response received.]
    Subsequent investigations using Google Scholar suggested that the early sections of the Salahuddin paper (i.e. before the sections plagiarised from G&W, 1992) have been lifted from J Fox, ‘Symbolic decision procedures for knowledge-based systems’, in H Adelhi (ed.), Knowledge Engineering (McGraw-Hill, 1990). This has since been confirmed by Professor Fox (now at Oxford). In other words, Salahuddin appears to have taken two papers – Fox (1990) and G&W (1992) – and simply ‘bolted them together’ with only minor changes in wording. (According to the web, Salahuddin is the Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Zimbabwe.)

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